Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being quick on the court – Tips an Strategy

Moving well or being quick on the court to reach as many balls as possible are two factors that can make tennis players, great tennis players. Some people are naturally fast and quick but some other will have to work harder in order to become quick. Training his quickness and agility is something that can and should be done at any level.

At a certain level all tennis players have a good technique and know how to be consistent. What will make the difference at this level is their fitness level especially the way they are moving on the court. Being quick on the court involves having a good footwork technique but also a good explosive power.

Strength training is a go way to build more explosive players. The explosive power is a percentage of the maximal strength so, potentially stronger players could be quicker on the court. Once a player starts to be strong enough it is important to work more specifically. Plyometric training will help players to develop the elasticity power of their muscles that they need to become explosive.

Also agility training or specific movement training on court will allow the players to bring what they have been working on in the gym on the tennis court.

This shows us the complexity of physical training in order to become a great tennis player. Just spending time on the court even by doing agility training will not be enough. On the other hand just working out in the gym to become stronger will not improve totally your movements. Fitness training for tennis needs to include strength training and agility training but also other components in order to become a complete tennis player.

Being quick on the court can be done by following an easy process and it will bring your game to a next level. First the players need to learn the right technique to move on a tennis court. This involves going to the ball with the right step but also recovering with the right recovery steps. This can be done on court with agility training, focusing only on the footwork and not worrying about the ball.

Once a player understands the right technique, he will move well but will not necessarily be quick. Specific strength and plyometric training will help him to be more explosive. It is very important for players to make a mix between strength training an agility training because this is the only way for them to reach their full potential and to become really quick.

Too often players or coaches focus just on one or the other. These kinds of players will always have a lack. Quickness for tennis player can be trained at any level especially if the players want to compete at high level. Beginners and professional players will work the same way, they will even do the same kind of drills. The main difference will be the intensity that they will use while they are training. One of the secret to become quick is to be as intense as possible. If during an agility workout the player does not try his best, he will not become quicker because he will not use the muscular fibers needed to be quick. It works the same way in plyometric training. The goal is to be as quick and explosive as possible in order to reach the muscle fibers deeply enough to keep improving.

Once a player starts to work hard and well on his quickness he will see improvements in his tennis game.

Following efficient fitness training is then a must that every player should do. If you want to get specific workouts that could help you or your player to become quick on the tennis court visit and you could get individualized fitness programs specific to tennis.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Right Balance Between Tennis Training and Fitness

Tennis training and fitness are linked at every level and cannot be dissociated in order to become a good tennis player. Tennis training will teach players the right technique for the ground strokes, volleys, serves, but without a good fitness level, players will always be limited.

Tennis training and fitness have to be done together in order to maximize the training results. At every level fitness training needs to be incorporated. For beginners and young players, fitness training will mostly be coordination and balance drills that will help the player to be more efficient on the tennis court.

Once the level becomes higher fitness training will be more specific with agility training. Agility training will work on the specific movements and on the quickness on the court. Moving well and being quick are fundamental if a player wishes to be able to compete at a good tennis level. Agility training can be incorporated on the court, before, after or during the tennis training. During this time, the player can really focus on his footwork technique and intensity and once he understands it he will use it during the tennis drills and will be a lot more efficient while executing his strokes.

Another important part of fitness training for tennis is strength training. This is very important to prevent injuries at any level. Strength training will also help the players to become more powerful and explosive on the court which could make a huge difference with others players of the same level. Beginner players will follow a really light strength training schedule, but advanced players will have to incorporate this completely in their schedule. Shots on the tennis court are more and more powerful, it you want to keep up with your opponents good strength training has to be done on a consistent basis.

Of course tennis training and fitness both work on aerobic capacity of the player. Specific cardio training done on the side will help the players to improve their endurance and even more and this will make them a lot better on match situation. A good aerobic capacity allows players to be more intense through all the duration of a match and also it will help them to recover better between points and after the match.

Flexibility training is another important part that should be done every day at least after practice. A good flexibility level allows the players to reach balls in extreme positions but also helps them to prevent injuries that could occur on the court.

Fitness training means the training of all those capacities, strength, agility, aerobic, flexibility. All this needs to be part of a tennis training program and it needs to be done on a consistent basis. At a high level fitness training should represent at least 1/3 of the total practice time during the week. Fitness training needs to be maintained while players are on tournament because the complexity is to keep improving all the time and one of the biggest mistake is to work on the fitness part and then to stop while the players are on tournaments. This will lead the players to come back from their tournaments with a lower fitness level. When the players are practicing, tennis training and fitness has to be done as consistent as possible and with high intensity. When the players are playing on tournaments, of course they will do less fitness but it is very important to do a minimum in order to maintain their level and to be able to improve even more once they are back from their tournament.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fitness Training For Tennis

I will discuss in this blog the importance of fitness training for tennis players. For men and women the tennis game has completely changed compare to 10 years ago. The game is a lot faster, players are a lot stronger, they are playing a lot more throughout the year. In order to compete at a higher level tennis players need to follow a specific fitness training for tennis and this at any level.

We see too often talented juniors players who have really good strokes but who never do any physical training. Those players will never be able to reach their highest potential. At a professional level fitness training should represent 30% of the total practice time. A good fitness program for tennis will include strength, agility, cardio and flexibility training. Tennis players are complete athletes and they need to improve all those differnt areas.

Even beginners and young players can start to follow a specific strength and conditioning program. They can work on their footwork and balance at any age and this will be fun and could make a huge difference on the court compare to other players.

Once they become older and better, tennis athletes will spend a lot more time on the court and they will expose themselves to a lot of injuries. Following a strength and conitioning program will allow them to prevent injuries and to recover better and faster between the sessions and matches.

Fitness training is a key to become a great tennis player. You could have the best shots on the circuit but without power or quickness on the court, you will never be able to compete at you highest level.
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